St. John’s Taxi Association welcomes fare increase from October: a 20 percent hike in phases

After years of requesting an increase in fares, members of the St.
John’s Taxi Association are welcoming the long-awaited hike, which
will bring them much-needed relief.

Following negotiations, the Association reportedly has been
awarded a 20 percent increase in the fares that members can charge
– but only on a phased timeline.

The first hike of 10 percent will be applied from the beginning of
October, with the remaining 10 percent being allowed gradually
over a three-year period.

This increase – which is being described as “substantial” – will
directly benefit prepaid members who serve the St. John’s cruise-
line district.

Reports say that taxi operators have been struggling for more than
15 years to absorb the rising cost of fuel and other items to maintain
their vehicles and livelihoods.

The industry was hard hit in 2020 and in the succeeding years by
the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hence, in 2021, taxi operators saw a transformation in the fare
systems, adapting to passenger numbers rather than a fixed rate for
a full load.