Symister believes police should be actively seeking to arrest campaign illegalities ahead of SMS poll

Attorney Leon Chaku Symister says the Police should be more
proactive during an election period in an effort to arrest any
illegalities suspected to be taking place.
With a by-election set to take place in the St. Mary’s South
constituency in a matter of weeks, there are reports of election laws
being broken and inducement taking place.
Some residents claim that operatives – and even recognized
members – of political parties have been seen giving out cash. Many
believe that the money is in exchange for a vote for a particular
Symister, the United Progressive Party (UPP) spokesperson on legal
issues, says that, in other countries, lawmen would have gone
undercover to stop such offences taking place ahead of the election.
Meanwhile, as the countdown to the by-election continues, Tuesday,
September 12, marked 46 days in which the polls must be held.
Symister says the UPP is expecting the Writ of Elections to be issued
shortly, and this will indicate that the by-election will be held in less
than a month’s time.

The Antigua Labour Party (ALP) has formally chosen September 17
as the launch date for its by-election campaign, and Symister
believes this is when the by-election date will also be announced.