Shop steward says some renovation was done on Pan Lab, and release of funds will do more

With concerns being raised about the deplorable condition of the
Culture Department’s Pan Lab at Belmont, there are reports that the
facility underwent some renovation eight months ago.
While the property is overgrown with bushes and shrubbery, the
building itself is in a dilapidated state, with broken and missing
windows, rotted-out areas, and missing plyboards.
But the Department’s shop steward, Bernard DeNully, says that
some work, including painting, was recently done on the structure.
DeNully says the Department is waiting on funds to restore the Pan
Lab to a proper manufacturing state and produce some of the best
steel instruments in the region.

Meanwhile, General-Secretary of the Antigua Trades and Labour
Union Alrick Daniel says what is lacking with most government
departments is ongoing maintenance.
However, he acknowledges that the Union, in some instances, has
also dropped the ball in terms of monitoring situations after initial
fixes were made.