Hurricane Lee moves away, leaving region safe from hazardous winds, but sea swells likely to impact shorelines, Destin says

The Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services (MET) has
canceled the tropical cyclone alert for Antigua and Barbuda, as
Hurricane Lee moves out of the monitored area.
Fortunately, according to forecaster Dale Destin, “Lee’s projected
path is expected to keep the islands safe from hazardous winds, with
storm force winds staying well away from the area.”
This is the case for the rest of the Leeward Islands and the British
Virgin Islands, as well.
However, Destin says vigilance remains high since Lee continues to
strengthen, with the potential to reach Category-5 status within 24
He notes that a significant threat looms in the form of above-normal
sea swells, which are poised to impact northern and eastern
shorelines from late Friday, September 8, onward.
In the meantime, with so many people praying for rainfall, Destin
says that predictions remain uncertain, but updates are pending.
Notwithstanding the current danger being averted, Destin is
encouraging residents to remain vigilant and prepared for the
balance of the 2023 hurricane season.