Strange happenings at Side Hill house appear to be linked to witchcraft, victim’s sister says; police looking into incident

Following a break-in at a Side Hill residence, the Police are
conducting a probe into a suspected case of witchcraft.
Reports say the current occupant is not the original owner of the
house, which belonged to his mother, who passed away in 2019.

The man occupies the ground floor of the two-storey concrete
structure, and, reportedly, the upper level of the house cannot be

The last time he was upstairs he says, was in mid-August, when he
made use of the clothesline. At that time, he says, he also made a
check of the second storey, and everything was in order.
However, several days later, during the morning hours, he made
another check and discovered that someone had entered the house
and disturbed the upper floor. Immediately, he made a report to the
Grays Farm Police Station.

Officers who visited the scene determined that a west-facing front
door, which cannot be locked, was where the intruder had gained
It was observed that photos which had been packed in a box were
now spread across the countertop in the kitchen. Further, a bottle
containing some sort of powder had been placed on top of the
In addition, other pictures that reportedly had been put away were
now hanging on the wall.
The man’s sister, who was present at the time, says the scene
appeared to be related to some type of witchcraft, since checks of
the house revealed that nothing had been stolen.