Government’s digital platform needs upgrading, Cabinet agrees, but lack of funding means it will have to be done in stages

Full transformation to a digital upgraded platform will cost the
Government millions, and so the transition will have to take place
over time, since the Gaston Browne Administration currently cannot
afford the change.

According to this week’s Cabinet Notes, the Executive invited four
members of the Digital Transformation Team to share their plans for
transforming all government operations to a digital upgraded

The team is said to have shared the cost of various systems, as well
as the amount of money spent, to date, to upgrade necessary
elements of the Government’s network. 

While the exact sum was not revealed, the Executive has agreed that
modernization would require new hardware and software, and that
the cost of acquiring these would exceed several million dollars. 
The Notes say “the Cabinet acknowledged that upgrades were
necessary; however, given the fiscal constraints at this time, the
complete overhaul would have to be carried out in stages.”

Reportedly the cyber security director has acknowledged the need
to act, as well as the constraints imposed by financial challenges. 
Accordingly, there was an agreement that the improvements would
be phased.