Between the people’s economic hardship and politicians’ prosperity, there is bound to be pushback soon, Bird warns

Given the various hardships that residents are facing and the
Government’s current economic situation, a perfect storm is
brewing in Antigua and Barbuda, says Sean Bird, the United
Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St. John’s Rural East.

Bird says there is bound to be pushback from the people, because
things seemingly are not getting any better for them, while the lives
of politicians have vastly improved. 

He references a recent opinion piece written by UPP Chairman D.
Gisele Isaac in which she outlines a number of the issues and
hardships affecting people. And, eventually, he says, some people
will crack and begin to take a stand.

If the country does not obtain some level of cash liquidity – which
the Browne Administration is now pursuing through the sale of the
Alfa Nero – then it is just a matter of time before people start to take
action, Bird warns. 

Meanwhile, Bird, too, is also condemning Prime Minister Gaston
Browne for comments he made about Port workers – in particular,
the longshore men – last weekend. Browne insinuated that these
workers were being paid above their skill sets and educational level.

Bird says the prime minister does not appear to value the
contributions that these workers have made, especially during the
COVID-19 pandemic, which kept the Port afloat.
And given that the cost of living is still so very high, the UPP
caretaker says the extra money the workers make in overtime
should not be an issue. 

Further, Bird says that any demands for a pay increase should not be
deemed unreasonable, because the workers have families to care for
and bills to pay in these hard economic times.

He adds that he has no doubt the workers are willing to sit down
and negotiate with the Government to arrive at an amicable