Pringle says fear of victimization is keeping business owners from national service and this culture needs to be stopped

Jamale Pringle, the Parliamentary Representative for All Saints East and St. Luke, is calling for a stop to the victimization of the people by Antigua Labour Party politicians.

Complaints continue to be made by persons who do not support the Browne Administration that they are by-passed or overlooked, while those who are owed by the Government remain unpaid and are forced to chase down the politicians.

Pringle says this is not a balanced or fair way to run a government, given that business people who are owed still have employees to pay.

A prime example of this is the challenge faced by a now-defunct security firm that was owned and operated by UPP Candidate Tevaughn “Peter Redz ” Harriette and his father.  

The company is owed millions of dollars by the Government, and it is widely felt that it has not been paid because of the proprietors’ association with the Opposition Party.

Pringle says this is one of the reasons that a lot of people, especially business owners, say they are not interested in serving at the national level; and so this is a culture that needs to be changed.

The UPP Candidate says that fear of discrimination by any political party should never be a deterrent to a person who wants to offer himself to serve in politics.

In the same vein, Pringle says that while the authorities are seeking to address bullying and other forms of violence among the youth, they are exhibiting the same types of behaviour.  And he notes that young people often emulate what they see adults do.