UPP will put special team in place to monitor Voters List and ensure that upcoming by-election is fair, Pringle assures

Ahead of the St. Mary’s South by-election, which, constitutionally, is
due to be held in fewer than 100 days, the United Progressive Party
(UPP) will be putting a special team in place to monitor the Register
for Elections.

In the recent General Election, concerns were raised about the
voters list, with claims that the names of dead people were still on it
– years after these persons had passed.

More recently, Prime Minister Gaston Browne confirmed that there
had been manipulation of the list, enabling vote padding in order to
give the Antigua Labour Party an unfair advantage.

UPP Political Leader Jamale Pringle acknowledges that monitoring
the list is very important if there are to be free and fair elections in
Antigua and Barbuda. 

The political leader assures supporters that it will not take anything
for granted, knowing that Prime Minister Browne is desperate t
increase his majority in the House of Representatives.