Drifting packages of hashish reportedly wash up on Barbuda beach; Antiguan seamen hand them over to Police

The discovery of 75 pounds of hashish that reportedly washed up on a Barbuda beach is being investigated by the Police.

According to reports, Dr. Nick Fuller and a member of his team stumbled upon the packages on Wednesday, February 1, and handed them over to police officers.

They are said to have found the drugs while walking along a beach on the eastern side of Spanish Point.

It is suspected that the packages might have been drifting in the water for quite some time, as there were barnacles attached to them.

Fuller, a well-known seaman, and his deck hand reportedly had sailed to Barbuda on Tuesday, January 31, aboard his sports-fishing vessel.

Reports say the Team Antigua Island Girls accompanied him, as he was towing their boat ahead of training preparations for the upcoming Pacific Challenge.