‘Shugy’ says mass attendance at SMS rally will demonstrate support for him and show that ALP’s hold has been broken

Fresh off the court victory of former MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, on
Wednesday, the United Progressive Party (UPP) will be hosting a
public rally in Bolans on Thursday evening, July 6.

Simon, the UPP’s candidate for the upcoming by-election in St.
Mary’s South, says he will use the occasion to continue outlining his
plans for the constituency and to highlight the failures of former MP
Samantha Marshall.

In spite of having had government resources at her disposal, Simon
says that Marshall failed to perform during her nine-year tenure.

In the meantime, the UPP candidate says, energy for the rally is
building and people are expressing excitement about attending the

Accordingly, he is inviting everyone to come out and demonstrate
their support for him – and show the Antigua Labour Party that its
hold on the constituency has been broken.

Meanwhile, UPP Chairman D.Gisele Isaac says she is excited about
Thursday night’s rally as a follow-on to Simon’s court victory and
the impromptu motorcade that celebrated the court ruling.
She says that the meeting, the first for this new election season,
should be a joyful event.

Isaac says that some constituency branches will be offering a bus
service for those wishing to attend the event, but who may not have
personal transportation.

The rally will be held in the field adjacent to the Bolans Primary
School and begin at 7 p.m.