Solid Waste advises four communities ahead of time that their normal garbage-collection schedule will be disrupted

At least four communities will see disruptions in their normal
garbage-collection schedules due to what the National Solid Waste
Management Authority says are challenges it is facing.

In a media release, the Authority – which is the agency mandated to
collect, transport, and dispose of solid waste – acknowledges there
have been periodic delays with garbage collection in some areas.
The Authority is therefore alerting the residents of Jennings North,
Yorks Extension, Lightfoot West, and Gunthorpes that there will be
some disruptions with the collection of their garbage. 

This is the second time in a matter of weeks that the Authority has
been forced to notify the public of its challenges. The last release had
blamed “operational challenges” for the late collection. 
Meanwhile, the Authority says that the household collections for
Fitches Creek and Pigotts have since been completed. 

Thanking the residents of those communities for their patience, the
agency claims it is seeking to swiftly address waste-collection issues,
since its motto is “Working In Partnership for a Cleaner Antigua And

The Authority is advising private citizens that if there is a delay or a
missed collection of their residential waste, they should contact the
Authority via the hotline number 562-1347.