Symister says House Speaker had to retract his decision since the Constitution is clear on the matter of an MP’s resignation

Leon Chaku, the United Progressive Party (UPP) spokesperson on
legal matters, says he was not surprised at the House Speaker’s
backtrack and admission of error in refusing to accept the
resignation of former MP Kelvin “Shugy ” Simon from the Lower

Symister says the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda is clear on the
matter of resignation by parliamentarians; so he had no doubt that
Sir Gerald Watt would have had to retract his decision – which he
did by way of a letter to Simon dated Friday, June 30.

Meanwhile, last Sunday evening, Marshall challenged Simon to a
public debate – reportedly to inform the people of St. Mary’s South
of their plans for the constituency. But Symister, like Simon, says
the Antigua Labour Party candidate is seeking relevance. 

He notes that Marshall had nine years to prove herself and make life
better for the constituents. She failed to do either, and was
therefore voted out during the January 18 General Election, he says.