Simon says court case was a challenge to the people’s rights, and, with a Browne Administration, democracy is under threat

Elated, relieved, and happy are some of the words that former St.
Mary’s South MP Kelvin “Shugy ” Simon has used to describe his
feelings about Wednesday’s victory in the High Court. 
In short, the Court has dismissed a challenge to Simon’s victory at
the January polls, brought on the allegation that he had been
ineligible for nomination.

The petitioner had asked the Court to declare Simon’s win a nullity,
charging that he had not resigned his public-service position before
being nominated as the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate
for St. Mary’s South. 

Further, Aaron was asking the Court to declare the Antigua Labour
Party candidate, Samantha Marshall, the winner, since she had
amassed the second-highest number of votes – although Simon had
beaten her by almost 200 votes.

Speaking to REAL News correspondent George Wehner after the
judge’s decision, Simon said the court case, in essence, was a
challenge to the democratic decision of the people who,
overwhelmingly, had elected him. 

He also described the case as frivolous, declaring that democracy is
under threat from the Gaston Browne Administration.

Simon’s attention is now focused on the by-election, with a public
rally set for Thursday night, July 6, in Bolans.

Meanwhile, an equally elated D.Gisele Isaac, UPP chairman, says she
is relieved at the Court’s decision and happy that this part of Simon’s
journey is over and he can now focus on winning the by-election.
Isaac is expressing confidence that the UPP candidate will be
successful at the polls yet again during his second outing.