Fight between inmates sees one sustaining knife wounds, while Ottos man alleges that teenaged boy beat him with a stick

Investigations have been launched into a fight at His Majesty’s
Prison that left an inmate wounded and having to be taken to the Sir
Lester Bird Medical Centre for treatment.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) was alerted, at 10
a.m. on Tuesday, July 4, that a wounding had occurred at about
7 o’clock that morning.

Reports say the 35-year-old inmate was transported to the Casualty
Department with injuries to his left arm and forearm and lacerations
above his left eye and right cheek. 

Reportedly, the inmate had gotten into an altercation with another
prisoner, during which a knife had been used to inflict the stab
wounds. However, the injuries were not life threatening and the
man was discharged by 1p.m. that same day.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated wounding incident, an Ottos man went
to the Grays Farm Police Station, with bleeding wounds to his face
and left hand, and alleged they had been inflicted by a 16-year-old
with a stick. 

This offence reportedly occurred at about 2:25 p.m. on July 4.
Reportedly, the victim had been walking from north to south on
Kentish Road when the teenager, also from Ottos, approached him in
an aggressive manner and struck him several times with a stick.

As a result, the man sustained wounds to the forehead and left hand
and was taken to the hospital by way of the Emergency Medical