MP Anthony Smith and team deliver on promise to increase his presence in All Saints West, post-election

MP Anthony Smith, Junior is fulfilling a promise made to
constituents: to increase his presence in the constituency of All
Saints West.

Smith, who was elected to office on his first electoral try, says he
received a great deal of feedback from constituents during his
election. He says they complained, then, about the low visibility of
candidates and elected officials outside of the election period. 
In response to this, the UPP parliamentarian pledged to maintain a
strong presence in the community even after being elected. 

In keeping with this promise,  Smith and his team were recently out
in the community, meeting with the people and, in the process,
supporting some of the village shops.

The United Progressive Party parliamentarian says his team is fully
committed to this promise, and will continue to conduct door-to-
door visits in All Saints West during his tenure.

Smith defeated the Antigua Labour Party incumbent, Michael
Browne, in the January 18 General Election.