Executive says Simon still has case to answer despite resignation; candidate says he is counting down the clock to by- election

While it reportedly ignored the issue last week, June 14, the Cabinet
claims it briefly addressed Kelvin “Shugy” Simon’s resignation from
the House of Representatives, this Wednesday.

According to the current Cabinet Notes, the claimant has not
withdrawn his matter against Simon; therefore, there is still a case
to answer in spite of Simon’s resignation. 

The Antigua Labour Party is claiming that  the former MP for St.
Mary’s South remained a civil servant after Nomination Day on
December 28, 2022. 

Meanwhile,  Simon says he does not agree with the House Speaker’s
interpretation of the Constitution and reasons for refusing his
resignation, tendered since June 7.

Simon says the Speaker, Sir Gerald Watt, is not the only person who
can adequately interpret the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda.
He notes that this is an era of information and anything that a
person might want to know is just a click away on an electronic
device, such as a cell phone, computer or tablet.

 Simon adds that what Watt is suggesting does not make sense, as the
drafters of the Constitution could not have intended for a
representative to spend his life in the Parliament.

In the meantime, the UPP candidate says he is counting down the
days to the poll, as the by-election clock began to tick on June 7.