John Jarvis, chairman of the Electoral Commission, passes after brief illness; two vacancies to be filled now at ABEC

After a brief illness, John Jarvis, chairman of the Antigua and
Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) died today, January 15.
Persons close to Jarvis say they were not surprised by his passing,
given his worsening condition these past weeks.

Jarvis succeeded Nathaniel “Paddy” James as ABEC chair in April
2022 and became known to the wider public through his media
engagements. He presided over the recent by-election in St. Mary’s
South and, before that, in the January 2023 General Election.

Jarvis was credited with having a wealth of knowledge, not only of
electoral and political affairs, but of cultural and entertainment
activities going back decades.

Insiders say there are now two seats to be filled on the Commission:
That of Jarvis and that of a commissioner who reached retirement
age only last week.

The chairman’s successor will be determined by Prime Minister
Gaston Browne, who holds the responsibility for appointing the
Commission’s head.