Thieves steal possessions of cruise-ship tourists at Fort James, while two locals are robbed of documents and cash

Cruise ship passengers were among a number of persons who fell victim to larceny, and the Police are now investigating these incidents.

According to reports, a German couple, aged 54 and 55 years, respectively, arrived in Antigua aboard the AIDA Pearla and decided to visit Fort James.

They left their bag – containing an iPhone, a Samsung cell phone, a pair of Apple ear pods, two cruise tickets, and a small amount of US dollars and Euros – on the beach while they went swimming.

When they returned from their swim they realized the bag was missing, and they informed an on-duty lifeguard, who, in turn, made a report to the Police.

The incident occurred between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Meanwhile, a 49-year-old Urlings woman reportedly had her handbag snatched by a young man early one morning last week.

The victim reports that she was sitting on the wall at the AIDS Secretariat on Long Street, and searching through her handbag, when the perpetrator grabbed it and fled.

The bag is said to have contained her Antigua and Barbuda passport; birth certificate; Social Security, Medical Benefits and Voter ID cards; and a Samsung A53 cell phone.

Also in the bag were US$200, EC$130, and the keys to her workplace locker.

The perpetrator is described as tall, slim, and light in complexion, and wearing braids whose ends are bleached gold.  Reportedly he was wearing denim shorts and a blue long-sleeved hooded shirt.

Police carried out a search of the area, but no one fitting that description was found. 

In an unrelated story, a 62-year-old Barnes Hill man had his knapsack stolen by police impersonators.

Reportedly, he had been riding a pedal cycle, from west to east, on the Old Parham Road, when two unknown men in a silver Toyota Vitz pulled him over, near Hadeed Motors, shouting “Police! Police!”

They then searched the man and took his black knapsack – containing a bicycle pump and patch; a Digicel cell phone; an expired Jamaican passport; and $350 in cash – before making their escape.