Housebreaker runs, leaving his vehicle at victim’s house, and is turned over to the police after being exposed by a friend

Police are investigating a break-in at an Urlings home in the wee
hours of Thursday morning, October 26, and the alleged offender is
reportedly now in custody assisting with investigations.
Reports say that, at about 2:30 a.m., the owner’s son arrived home
and stumbled upon the intruder inside the house.
At first, the man took the intruder for his nephew and proceeded to
turn on the lights and inquire what he was doing up that late.
However, after the lights went on, the intruder jumped through the
window that he apparently had used to gain access in order to flee
from the scene.
Although the alleged thief had driven to the victim’s house, reports
say he ran past the vehicle and tried to leave the area on foot.
However, the man took possession of the vehicle, which was parked
in front of his sister’s house, and then telephoned the Police.
Another source says the perpetrator went to a friend’s home after
leaving the scene. He told the friend that he had gone to visit his
girlfriend when some men in the area began to chase him.
When the friend went to the location to check, however, he
encountered the homeowner’s son, who happens to be a friend of
After learning what actually had taken place, the friend directed the
victim to his house, where the alleged thief was waiting on his

The Police were able to make an arrest, sources say, after the
woman’s son and others held the alleged perpetrator until officers
arrived and then handed him over.