ABEC’s new Chairman says his first task is selection and training of Election Day workers to ensure smooth polls

John Jarvis, the new Chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC), says his first task will be the training of election workers ahead of the polls that are constitutionally due in about 12 months.

Jarvis says that such training is critical to ensure a smooth process on Election Day.

The ABEC Chairman says the Commission is now engaged in recruiting these workers.  He notes that more persons will be required this time around because of the COVID-19 protocols –including social distancing – that must be followed.

Jarvis, who replaced Nathaniel “Paddy” James as head of ABEC, received his instrument of appointment over two weeks ago.

For five years he served ABEC as a commissioner, but he has been involved in the country’s electoral processes for almost 30 years.  Accordingly, Jarvis says the Commission has a sacred responsibility to protect this democracy and it does not take its mandate lightly.

Meanwhile,the three main political parties in Antigua and Barbuda have announced their candidates for the upcoming polls.