Different water woes affecting Carnival Gardens resident as drainage from conference centre floods her yard

A Carnival Gardens woman wants the authorities to address the
flooding of her yard by water running from the nearby John E. St.
Luce Conference Centre on Factory Road.
Evangeline Allen, who has been living in that area since the 1980s,
says the water coming from the former ADOMS building, has been
turning her yard into mud for some time now.
At first, she and her neighbours were unable to determine where
the water was coming from, until they made their own
Allen says that a drain at the conference centre is channeled to
empty into the gutter on the road just above her home. However, the
water was draining at a lower level and affecting her property.

She says that she reported her problem – twice – to workers at the
John E. St. Luce building and, then, to the Antigua and Barbuda
Transport Board, which also was of no help.

The Carnival Gardens woman says the current engineer at the
government-run property eventually visited her home and was
shown the volume of water that had accumulated on the grounds.
Allen says she was assured that the matter would be dealt with, but
warned it would not be a quick fix.

Prior to the 2023 General Election, she reports, a truckload of marl
was sent and the problem was temporarily corrected.
However, since that was well over a year ago, the marl that was
spread is no longer effective, and the drainage problem has
In order to access her own yard, Allen laments, she has to place
plastic bags on her feet.

That was Evangeline Allen, a frustrated Carnival Gardens