Clarks Hill resident ambushed and shot on his own premises, as gun crimes become increasing worry

Of late, shootings appear to have become a weekly occurrence in
Antigua and Barbuda, with a 29-year-old Clarks Hill resident being
the country’s most recent victim of a gun crime.
This incident occurred on Tuesday night, September 5, and follows
quickly on the shooting of a 58-year-old Bendals man on Sunday
night, September 4, in the Yeptons area, and the shooting death of
Parham resident Lance “Lenny” Williams on
Saturday night, September 2.
Reports say the latest victim was pounced upon by an unidentified
gunman as he was entering his own property.

During the incident the gunman discharged multiple shots, hitting
the man at least twice – in the upper body and in the leg.
The injured man was rushed to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre by
the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and is being treated. His
condition, at this time, is not known.
The motive for the attack is also unclear. But a similar incident
occurred recently when a Briggins man, Chet Lewis, 33, was shot
multiple times at his home.
It is alleged that a lone gunman called him out of his apartment; and
when he answered the door a rain of bullets greeted him.
This incident occurred on Monday, August 21 shortly after 11 p.m.
Lewis has since been discharged from the hospital and is Saud to be
recovering well.
Investigations into this matter, as well as two other fatal shootings
in Green Bay, are continuing, the Police say, as they pursue a
number of leads.
The Police are asking persons with information on any of the recent
incidents to contact the nearest station, the Criminal Investigations
Department (CID) at 462-3913, or Crimestoppers at 800-TIPS
Meanwhile, residents are growing increasingly concerned about the
proliferation of guns in recent times.
Calls are being made to the Gaston Browne Administration – and, in
particular, the minister responsible for national security, Attorney-
General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin – to equip the Police with the

tools to fight crime and to put mechanisms in place to arrest this
worrisome situation.