Masked man breaches Port fence and breaks warehouse to ‘collect a package’ in the early hours of Thursday morning

Questions are being asked and eyebrows are raised over the disappearance of a number of packages from the Antigua Port Authority – allegedly removed by a masked intruder. 

A source tells REAL News the caper was discovered by an on-duty security officer.  He telephoned the St. John’s Police Station, at about 2:45 a.m. on Thursday, June 1, and reported that a masked man was on the compound.

The source says that officers, including several from the SSU, immediately left for the Port where they met and spoke with a security officer and the chief of security.

Reportedly, they were told that, at about 2:38 that morning, the officer observed a slim male, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, wearing a black mask, long black pants, and a grey long-sleeved hooded shirt.

He shouted at the intruder, asking what he was doing on the compound, and the man allegedly replied, “Me come to collect a package.”

Reportedly, the masked man then continued along his way until the security officer lost sight of him.  But when checks of the compound were made later, it was discovered that a warehouse had been broken into.

Allegations are that the masked man had gained entry by using a sharp tool to cut out a section of the perimeter fence.  He then made his way to door No. 9 of the warehouse, where surveillance cameras show him using two pieces of lumber to pry open the door.

Several packages were removed from a barrel located at the western section, and it is alleged that these contained a quantity of drugs, likely cannabis.

Officers reportedly carried out a search for anyone fitting the description of the masked intruder, but without success.

This is not the first such break-in at the Port, which is supposed to be a high-level secure facility. Last year, 2022, REAL reported that intruders had broken into a container from which at least four barrels were removed, after which they had secured the container with a new lock.

The matter was never reported by the Police.  And since the story broke, there has been no word about the incident from law enforcement, the Cabinet, or Port officials – although the offences allegedly were captured on surveillance cameras.

Those who have learned about this most recent breach of the Port’s security are already speculating that it will be swept under the carpet.

REAL News will continue to follow this developing story as the Police allegedly have launched a major investigation into the matter.