Diaspora Progressives hands over donation of wheelchairs to MP Lewis and UPP caretakers Browne and Quinn-Williams

The Diaspora Progressives, a group of Antiguans and Barbudans residing in North America, has made a donation of three wheelchairs to officers of the United Progressive Party (UPP).

During a brief ceremony at Progressive FM on Thursday morning, June 1, Diaspora representatives Jermaine Edwards and Stafford Lewis handed over three chairs.

One of them, earmarked for St. Phillip’s North, was accepted by Senator Alex Browne, while Pearl Quinn-Williams, caretaker for St John’s Rural North, recieved another.

The third chair will be handed over to MP Kelvin Simon for St. Mary’s South.

Stafford explains that the programme was founded to source wheelchairs for the Rural West community – now represented by his brother. The Diaspora group then decided to endorse and widen the venture and supply chairs to as many of the UPP representatives and caretakers as possible.

Accordingly, this set is part of the first batch, and another set is expected on island in the next month.

Lewis says that walkers and canes will be included in future donations.

The Diaspora Progressives group is very committed to nation-building, he says, and is therefore happy to have forged a relationship with the UPP and make these donations possible.

Meanwhile, Edwards says the number of residents living with mobility issues is frightening, and she notes the absence of amenities to accommodate persons with disabilities.

Therefore, she is appealing to the Administration to put the necessary infrastructure in place and make the lives of these residents easier.

Accepting the donation, Quinn-Williams says the wheelchair will greatly assist the Cedar Grove community, which she has earmarked for its use.

Senator Browne also thanked the group for the kind donation, which, he says, will go a long way in making sure the need in his constituency is met.

He is hoping to partner with the Diaspora Progressives in its mission to take care of the community – particularly the people requiring these types of medical instruments.