Solid Waste Authority Manager Spencer says most staff and contractors have been paid or will be paid outstanding monies

Supervisors at the National Solid Waste Management Authority will be receiving a portion of the monies owed to them by the Authority this weekend.  This is the word given by Daryl Spencer, general manager at the statutory body.

The Authority has gone through several protest actions by various classes of workers for different reasons, the main one being monies owed.

Spencer says that all garbage collectors have been paid up to the end of 2021 and supervisors will be given a portion of their monies this weekend.  Following that, the Authority will seek to pay overtime payment for other years.

Spencer takes the opportunity to thank all the employees and contractors for being patient and understanding during these difficult times, even as he promises that arrangements are being made to pay truckers.

Meanwhile, in response to residents’ complaints that their garbage is not being collected on the usual days, Spencer says there is no change in the collection schedule.