Lovell says ALP governments neglect the vital agencies and recalls similar situation with Fire Dept when UPP came to office

As a fire raged in The Point on Thursday night, the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) condemned the Gaston Browne Administration for paying scant attention to the country’s vital agencies, while focusing on ways to enrich its members.

Harold Lovell says this was the case under the leadership of Lester Bird and the practice continues under Browne.

He recalls that, when the UPP came to office 18 years ago, it had to equip the Fire Department so that it could efficiently serve the people.

After all that, Lovell decries the fact that, at present, there is only one working fire tender available to service the whole of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Political Leader expressed sympathy to the fire victims from the political platform and pledged that the Party would do what it could to assist those who have been left homeless.

Today, Friday, he visited the scene of the fire, he reports, and spent time commiserating with, and listening to, the residents of The Point community.

While the fire was in full blaze, UPP Candidate for City West Alister Thomas left Thursday night’s public rally at Radio Range to check on the welfare of his constituents.  He referred to the devastation as “criminal negligence” on the part of the Browne Administration.