Dr Quinn defends news story about Fiennes Institute and says master should not allow himself to be a puppet

Journalist and former parliamentarian Dr. Jacqui Quinn is responding to the master of the Fiennes Institute and defending a story that was run on her online News portal.

Quinn had run a story about the lack of water at the institution, stating that the residents were unable to have timely baths and staff were unable to wash kitchen utensils. She therefore made a plea for water and utensils on behalf of the residents.

However, the master of the government-run old-age home has characterized Quinn’s news article as “wicked and devious.”

On State Television earlier this week, Master Walton Edwards delivered a written response to Quinn’s report, saying the post “mischievously construed a fabricated crisis by people with a political agenda.”

In response, Quinn is asking why Edwards, whom she refers to as a political appointee and public servant, is allowing the Minister of Health, Sir Molwyn Joseph, to turn him into a puppet.

“Instead of being gracious and thanking concerned citizens for mobilizing to have water and utensils donated, the master of the Fiennes is seeking to lash out at the embarrassing spot which the institution is currently in,” Dr. Quinn says.

She adds that she stands by her story since her information is usually double and triple checked.

“The situation described with the Institute being out of water and wiping dishes with paper towels was uncontroverted FACT,” Quinn declares.

As President and Co-Founder of “Concerned Citizens,” Quinn says she mobilized to get water and dishes to the institution on Saturday, February 26.

She contends that most of the water donated on the weekend was lost due to leakage of a storage tank.

Saying that Edwards’ television appearance might have been “directed,” the journalist advises him to do his job and deal with the myriad problems at the lone public senior citizens’ home, which recently has seen protest action by its employees.

Quinn is adamant that she cannot and will not be muzzled.