Transport Board honours its promise and designates special parking spaces downtown for disabled residents

Members of the community of disabled persons have won a battle, and their long-outstanding call for designated parking spaces has been fulfilled.

With St. John’s now being more inclusive for persons living with disabilities, they will be able to access businesses on account of the newly designated parking spaces across the city.

The Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board recently made a pledge to create special parking spaces downtown for persons with disabilities; these spaces would be included on Redcliffe, High, Long, Nevis, and St Mary’s Streets, it said.

These roadways are now boldly marked with the word “Disabled” to indicate their purpose.

To use the designated spaces, the Board says that only drivers who have a special blue sticker – which it provides – will be allowed to park.

Members of the Antigua and Barbuda Association for Persons with Disabilities have been lobbying for this for some time.

They complained that even the disabled parking spaces provided by private companies were being abused by able-bodied individuals who continue to show disrespect their community.