Ayre Foundation rescues yet another patient, this time airlifting Chevan Jones for treatment in the Dominican Republic

The Calvin Ayre Foundation (CAF) has airlifted Chevan Jones, an accident survivor, to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, for orthopedic surgery that could see his mobility restored.

As a result, Jones’ mother is relieved that her son is getting the opportunity to have this vital procedure done.

The 21-year-old survived a vehicular accident on the All Saints Road that left a teenager dead.  He was airlifted on Monday, May 29, with his US$39,000 flight being funded by CAF.

At the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre, doctors diagnosed Jones with a right acetabular fracture and a nasal bone fracture. They later referred him to an orthopedic surgeon in the Dominican Republic, who could repair the damage.  

In its request letter to the Foundation, the family noted that the cost of an air ambulance, in addition to the cost of surgery and recovery, was too high for them to meet.

However, CAF’s media relations specialist, Jermilla Kirwan, says the Foundation was happy to play a role in getting Jones to his surgery, which was scheduled for Wednesday, May 31. 

Reportedly, Jones’ Airvac was also made possible through the swift action of the Reva Air Ambulance representative on island, Sandy Bahri, who coordinated the trip in quick time.

The initial call for assistance is said to have been made by Senator Samantha Marshall on behalf of Jones’ father. 

Meanwhile, seven-year-old burn victim T’rique Jeffery is also receiving treatment in the Dominican Republic, at a burn centre. His airlift was also funded by CAF.  

The child is said to be improving , although he has a long road to recovery.

According to a medical source on the ground, Jeffery has already had five surgeries; however, this is not a one-day fight and there is still some way to go.