Solid Waste officials say only three compactor trucks working at present, but downsizing the number of operators is ongoing

The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has been operating with a limited fleet of garbage trucks, which has caused waste to sit uncollected for weeks in some communities.

On Wednesday, May 31, the Cabinet reportedly met with the Authority’s new chairman and its acting manager, who reported on the successes and failures of the statutory body – especially its failure to collect waste from several rural communities.

The officials reported that, from a total of eight, it had been reduced to three working compactor trucks.  However, they said, the mechanics had been “able to cannibalize the non-working trucks and to put two additional trucks back on the road.”

According to the Cabinet Notes, the two officials also explained that the number of operators and truck-owners was over-represented. However, they note, these numbers are being brought in line to fit the norm.

Accordingly, the Executive has empowered the Authority to begin the process of reduction.

“Small and individual truck owners will then be able to receive reasonable payments each week,” the Notes conclude.