Pringle calls for public reporting on National Housing probe and resultant transfers and terminations 

MP Jamale Pringle, the leader of the Opposition, is calling for the
National Housing authorities to share the findings of an
investigation that reportedly was undertaken by the entity.
It is alleged that a probe was conducted into the government-run
body after certain discoveries were made, and this has led to some
persons being transferred out of the organization and others being
let go.
But while these quiet transfers and alleged firings were made, no
one has been apprised of the reasons or the findings of the

Pringle is of the opinion that these should have been made public
since National Housing is funded by the taxpayers.
He also alleges that lands are being appropriated randomly without
any proper account being offered.
The Opposition leader says that, clearly, the Gaston Browne
Administration lacks accountability.

Jamale Pringle, the leader of the Opposition.