Progressive Youth Chairman encourages young people to get involved in activities celebrating themselves through August

Jonathan Wehner, the Chairman of Progressive Youth, is encouraging his peers to celebrate with the organisation as it observes Youth Month with a slate of activities.

Youth Month activities will run through August, and Wehner says this is a time when young people will be able to demonstrate their many talents.

The group’s activities started with an event dubbed “Beat the Block” on Thursday, August 4, in Potters, where members engaged other young people.

He reports that it was a successful outing and that many youth expressed their dissatisfaction with sitting MP Dean Jonas, who, they say, has done nothing for the constituency of St. George for the past eight years.

Due to sudden unfortunate circumstances, a “Youth Symposium” planned for Saturday, August 6, had to be postponed. However, Wehner says the group’s next activity will be staged this evening, August 8.

On Friday, August 12, which is International Youth Day, Progressive Youth will host several activities, which will be followed on August 18 by another edition of “Beat the Block.”

The Progressive Youth Chairman is inviting other young people to be a part of this aspiring youth movement.