Senator Joseph asks Sir Molwyn to ensure that uncollected garbage is removed from a Bendals neighbourhood

Senator Johnathan Joseph is calling on Minister of Health Sir Molwyn Joseph, yet again, to intervene and make sure that the garbage in his constituency is collected in a timely manner.

Sir Molwyn is the Minister responsible for the collection of waste across the country.

Senator Joseph, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Mary’s North, reports that he has been receiving calls and WhatsApp messages from residents of the St. Thomas area in Bendals whose garbage has been uncollected for the past two weeks.

He says the situation appears to be so dire that even his wife has been receiving messages about the situation.

Personally, Joseph says, he has not seen the condition of the area, but he intends to visit the community as soon as he is able.

The UPP Candidate says he plans to assist the residents however he can if the garbage remains uncollected this week.

In March this year, residents of Harmony Drive in Cashew Hill found themselves in a similar situation, with garbage having been uncollected for several weeks and, in some instances, for a month.

The residents complained of the unsightly and unhealthy situation, which Senator Joseph agreed had become a health hazard.

Accordingly, he promised to remove the garbage if Sir Molwyn and the National Solid Waste Management Authority did not respond to his request for action in this regard.

And since the relevant authorities failed to do so, on April 1, the UPP Candidate fulfilled his promise to the constituents. He secured the services of a private garbage truck and he, along with constituents, went out collecting the waste.

He was commended highly for his efforts by residents across the country while the Solid Waste Authority chided him for what it deemed to be an interruption to its schedule.