Next week’s ‘Fitness Jam’ will be a fun experience that is part of UPP’s health and wellness strategy, say Lovell and Simon

As part of its “Health Intelligence Strategy,” the United Progressive Party (UPP) will be hosting a “Fitness Jam” next Thursday, December 8.  The event is designed to increase awareness of the rise in certain chronic diseases and the needs of an aging population.

The Fitness Jam is described as a fun, cultural experience that will bring the community together to focus on personal health and wellness.

Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the Party, says the organization believes that good health boosts productivity and that a healthy nation leads to a stronger economy.

“Keeping people well and out of hospital will deliver benefits to not only individuals, but to our entire health system,” he says.

Lovell notes that it is very important to keep the body, mind and soul healthy, because this leads to a winning attitude.  

Accordingly, as a personal and professional responsibility, he is encouraging his candidate-colleagues to incorporate more physical activity into their routines, as the Party enters the homestretch of the election campaign.

Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, a former national athlete and the UPP Candidate for St. Mary’s South, says the Fitness Jam will highlight how a connected community can be motivated to make better health-related decisions and to take actions that will improve their lifestyle.

At the event, participants will be able to stretch, stroll, jog or jam to the sounds of what is described as an impressive entertainment line-up.

Performing artistes will include King Menace and DJs Ruthless, Miguel and Snypa of Young Jugglaz Sounds.

Several UPP personalities will also be featured as fitness instructors and motivators, including Lovell and Simon; Jamale Pringle, Candidate for All Saints East and St. Luke; Gladys Potter, Candidate for St. John’s Rural South; Tevaughn “Peter Redz” Harriette, national footballer and Candidate for St. Peter; and Anthony Smith, Jr., Candidate for All Saints West. 

The event will begin at Pensioners Beach, and participants will jam through Hatton Road into Green Bay and Grays Farm and onto the Valley Road; then onto Perry Bay Drive to Hatton Road and back to Pensioners.

The organizers say the event will end with a cool down and meditative bonfire session, followed by an after-party. 

Meanwhile, leading up to the event, a programme dubbed the “Fitness Power Hour” is being aired every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Progressive 107.3 FM from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m.