Good Humans 268 and other organizations begin drive to create environmental stewards in all the Nation’s schools 

The non-profit organization Good Humans 268 commenced its
school tours on Thursday, September 14, as it seeks to create
environmental stewards in the country’s more than 80 schools.
Founder of the organization Joshuanette Francis says that her team
will be holding discussions with the students to get them involved in
a recycling initiative.
Additionally, Good Humans 268 has partnered with the Forestry
Division and will be giving two trees, each, to over 17,000 students,
with the aim of raising their consciousness about the environment,
caring for it, and noting the effects their actions have on climate
Francis says the organization will also be teaming up with other
community groups and entities in its drive.
Through the initiative, Francis says that organizations have come
together and persons continue to assist by donating barrels. These
will be placed on the compound of all 82 schools so that students
may use them as recycle bins.
She says this initiative will benefit not only the students, but the
entire country, in reducing its carbon footprint.