Cooks Extension supermarket robbed in broad daylight and owner wounded by gun-toting bandit

The owners of Mills Supermarket at Cooks Extension telephoned the Grays Farm Police Station and reported that two men had run into their business place and robbed them of an undisclosed sum of money.

The offence reportedly occurred just after 1 o’clock on Thursday, July 14.

Upon responding to the call, officers met the 51-year-old co-owner bleeding from a wound to his forehead.

He reported that he and his wife were inside the supermarket having a conversation, when two males exited a black Toyota Vitz M and ran inside the business place.

One of the perpetrators allegedly was holding a gun and quickly struck the man in the forehead. He then held the owner down on his knees, while the other bandit reportedly held the victim’s wife with one hand and opened the cash pan with the other, grabbing the money he found there.

The pair then ran to the Vitz, which had been parked in front of the supermarket; the driver reversed; and they made good their escape via a western by-road.

The Police issued a medical form to the injured proprietor, and he was transported to the hospital in a private vehicle.

A search for the said car was carried out in the surrounding areas, but the suspects were not found.

The two men are said to be about 5’11” tall, slimly built, and were wearing long black pants with ski masks and head coverings.

Police inquiries are ongoing.