Man says he was the victim of an unprovoked chopping and had to beg villagers for an emergency call

An injured man was refused assistance by several persons as he
sought a phone call to emergency personnel in order to get medical
However, he subsequently managed to contact a 911 operator, who
reported to the All Saints Police Station that the man had been
beaten with a cutlass.
Reports say the victim had been involved in an altercation with
another man who was identified only as “Top.”
The victim told the Police that, while he was in Swetes, the alleged
offender had just walked up to him with a cutlass in hand and begun
an argument.
Allegedly, the attacker then began hitting him with the cutlass and,
in the process, he was chopped on the right hand. 
The victim, 38, of Swetes, reportedly began walking from the scene
and begging numerous persons for calls to 911. Eventually, he was
picked up by an ambulance along the way, after managing to get a

The man was transported to the hospital, where he received several
stitches to close the wound, and had it
dressed and bandaged.
In his absence, officers had visited the scene to conduct
investigations and obtain a report from the victim, but they were
unable to do as he had left before the ambulance or police arrived. 
Instead, the officers had to visit the hospital, where the man was
being treated, to interview him about the matter and to learn the
identity of his attacker.
This incident reportedly occurred at about 9:30 p.m. on November