Bandits break into Cassada Gardens home and pistol-whips female as boyfriend hides

Two intruders – one of whom pretended to be a police officer –
burglarized the home of a Cassada Gardens man in the early-
morning hours, and attacked and beat his girlfriend with a gun.
According to reports, the man had gotten out of bed and gone to the
kitchen for a drink of water when he heard a male voice shout

He says he immediately ran back into his bedroom and locked the
He then heard the northern kitchen door being kicked open and
decided to peep out of his bedroom door. At that point he alleges
that he saw two masked gunmen going into his girlfriend’s room.
The gunmen reportedly pounced on the unsuspecting woman, while
one bandit used a small black gun to strike her on the left side of the
head as he demanded money.
Reportedly, the woman denied that she had any cash; but the alleged
robbers began to ransack the room, after which they fled in an
easterly direction on foot.
The two were reportedly dressed in black clothing and wore masks.
They are described as about 5 feet 6 inches tall, with one being slim
in build and the other stocky.
This incident was reported to the Criminal Investigations
Department (CID) and officers reportedly advised the female victim
to seek medical treatment for her injuries; however, she refused the
police medical form.

A search was carried out in the surrounding area for the alleged
suspects but without success.
This offence reportedly occurred at about 2:30 p.m. on November