Resident of Lightfoot, 24-year-old Noah Hurst, missing for a week now; mother says cell phone found in his bedroom

The family of a missing 24-year-old man is awaiting some helpful information from the Police, as they seek to get useful details on his whereabouts.

Noah Hurst of Lightfoot reportedly was last seen by his family a week ago, on Tuesday evening, May 23, and his distraught relatives are at a loss to determine the circumstances behind his disappearance.

REAL News spoke with his mother, Maria Hurst, on Tuesday morning, May 30, and she said the entire family had been together on their porch last Tuesday night.

She says that Noah had been given a six-month contract at a hardware store, which expired last Monday, May 22.  He had been awaiting a call from the company and was anxious to find out if it was going to take him back.

The following day, Wednesday, knowing that he was not going to work, the mother says she did not check his room before she left for work.

However, when she returned home that afternoon, she says she was surprised to find his breakfast was still untouched and he had not washed the dishes.  It was then that she decided to check his room – only to discover that he was not there.

According to Hurst, she immediately tried to contact him on his cell phone, but he did not answer.  Several other calls were placed to the phone, but also without success.

Assuming he was out with friends liming, and would return later that night, Noah’s mother says she then decided to go to bed,

However, by Thursday morning, May 25, when checks were again made, and she discovered he was not at home, Hurst says she became upset and concerned at the same time – thinking he must have slept at a friend’s house.

When she called his phone again, and there was still no answer, she checked his bedroom and his phone was found.  However, it was in silent mode and disconnected from the Wi-Fi.   Hurst says she found that strange, since Noah never leaves the house without his phone.

The worried mother says that, by noon on Thursday, she had a feeling that something was not quite right.  Therefore, after leaving work, she and her husband made a report at Police Headquarters on American Road, which was then transferred to the All Saints Police Station.

Since that time, Hurst says, the family has not heard anything from the Police and they are anxious to find out what information, if any, they have found.

Anyone with knowledge of Noah’s whereabouts, or the circumstances related to his disappearance, is asked to call his father, Ivan, at 784-0060, or his mother, Maria, at 772-8018.

The young man is said to be of slim build; 5’ 11” tall; and weighs between 135 and 145 pounds.  A photo in circulation shows him to be wearing braided hair.