CKHS cafeteria hit by thieves, although no signs of break-in discovered, while attempt to break clothing store fails

While school break-ins seem to have decreased, the Police are now probing an incident that recently occurred at a private secondary institution.
Reports are that the school cafeteria of the Christ the King High School was broken into and a quantity of food items stolen.
During their investigations, officers discovered that there were no signs of forced entry. However, the lawmen concluded that the intruder(s) had entered the building via an eastern window.
Meanwhile, an attempted break-in of a business place is also being investigated.
The John Hughes proprietor of Island Originals telephoned the Criminal Investigations Department and reported that some unknown person had attempted to break into his clothing store
located on Market Street.
Apparently, the intruder had used a “breaking implement” in an attempt to pry the locks from southern and western doors, but was unsuccessful in gaining entry into the building.