‘Tip Toe Burglar’ caught, arrested, tried and sentenced in three days; trial on other charges slated for next year

The man now referred to as “The Tip Toe Burglar” has been sentenced to six months in prison on charges of break-in entering, larceny and trespassing.

Benjamin Silcott of Cassada Gardens appeared in St. John’s Magistrates’ Court today, October 27, before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.  Although the Police slapped him with five charges, he admitted only to two.  

Since Silcott told the Court he was not guilty of the other three charges, he will be tried on those matters next year.

The Court heard that Silcott had been harassing residents in the Flagstaff and Crosbies areas by going onto their premises and peeking into their homes.  

It is alleged that he went onto the property of a judicial officer who resides alone, and his muddy footprints were discovered on her porch.

Silcott is also reported to have broken into a business place and stolen from the fridge a box of pizza, which he reportedly ate, and left the empty box.  He also made off with a quantity of juices and water valued at over $600.

He was shown footage of the escapade and admitted that the person in the video was, indeed, him; he also said he was unaware that the homes and business were outfitted with surveillance cameras.

Accordingly, Silcott received a prison sentence of three months on the trespassing count and six months for the break-in entering and larceny charge. The sentences are to run concurrently.

The known convict told the Court he knew the Police were looking for him, so he was in hiding.   However, officers caught him on Monday, October 25, and he was subsequently arrested and charged.

Reports say the Police have a number of other similar charges pending and Silcott will be charged with these once he has served his time.