Fires that destroyed a house and a shop, respectively, are under investigation by Fire and Police officials

Fire officials and the Police are investigating two fires: one that consumed a house and another that destroyed a Hatton shop.

Reports are that a police corporal telephoned the Johnsons Point Station and notified officers of a house fire in Urlings.

Firemen are said to have immediately gone to the scene.  Upon arrival, they saw two houses in flames: a two-storey concrete and sideboard structure and a plywood house.

The owner of the houses, a Sutherlands man, told the police that both properties had been abandoned for a number of years.  There was no electricity attached to either, and they were not insured, he said.

Fire officials say the two-storey building was completely destroyed by the fire; however, the other property was only partially burnt. 

The origin of the blazes, firemen say, is unknown at this time.  However, the Investigative Team was informed about the fire and is to carry out an investigation.

Meanwhile, a 911 operator telephoned the Grays Farm Police Station and reported that there was a shop on fire in Hatton.

Firemen responded at about 12:50 p.m. on Sunday, March 26, and met the 20’ x 15’ wooden structure completely engulfed in flames. 

The fire was extinguished using water from the No 15. appliance attached to the St. John’s Fire Station. 

Reportedly, a woman told firefighters she had been sitting on her gallery when she observed smoke coming from the shop, after which she notified the St. John’s Fire Station. 

The owner of the shop, a 41-year-old Blue Waters man, reportedly had secured the business at about 12 p.m. and left to purchase goods at The Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy.

While on his way from the supermarket, a neighbour telephoned and informed him that his shop was on fire, reports say. 

The shop was said to be uninsured, and Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) personnel had disconnected the electricity attached to the building. 

The cause of the fire, firemen say, is currently unknown.