As the call for greater school security intensifies, a school principal is reportedly attacked on the school plant

The issue of school violence seems to have taken another twist, this time the principal of a government primary school was allegedly attacked by the parent of a student.

Reports are that Christopher Roberts, the principal at the Mary E Pigott Primary School had to be taken to the hospital for treatment Wednesday morning, (March 8) after he was allegedly knocked to the ground by an angry parent.

According to reports, the male parent, allegedly upset that his son had been suspended from the school for his behaviour, held onto the principal from behind and knocked him to the ground.

It is unclear whether any weapons were used to commit the assault against the principal, who has been heading the school since 2015.

Roberts’s injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

Reports are that the father fled the scene after committing the act.

This most recent brazen daylight incident brings into focus the issue of proper school security.

Reports are that no security guard was at the school at the time of the attack.

And while the government has promised the installation of security cameras and other surveillance equipment, this problem will require a holistic approach, sources say.

There will actually be a need for the physical presence of security officers on the school compound, especially during school hours.    

Persons say that clearly it is the action of this father and many like him, which have caused our young generation to become wayward and delinquents.

Some parents do not want to set a good example for their children by disciplining or correcting them when they are wrong, it is always the fault of others, a woman says.

Director of Education Clare Browne who confirmed the incident, according to media reports, has said that counselors would be deployed to the school to help to comfort those children who have been emotionally impacted by the incident.

Browne says that the Ministry of Education is looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, Principal of the Clare Hall Secondary School Ashworth Azille says the issue of school violence is becoming increasingly concerning and that the powers that be should ensure that mechanisms are in place to protect both students and teachers.

Azille says that when concerns are expressed persons may wish to say that those speaking out have a political agenda, but he says that the safety of students and teachers on the school plant is not a political matter, but a problem requiring urgent attention and solutions.