Opposition Leader Pringle leads off the Budget Debate tomorrow, highlighting the Party’s position on the country’s state of affairs

Debate on the Appropriations Bill, 2023 commences on Thursday, March 9, and it is anticipated that the presentations will be colourful, lively and informative.

Leader of the Opposition Jamale Pringle will lead off the debate by responding to the presentation by Finance Minister, Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Damani Tabor, the public relations officers (PRO) for the United Progressive Party (UPP) says that the Party recognizes the issues which compelled the electorate to elect more of its candidates and vote against the failed Gaston Browne administration and as such the newly elected members will be championing the people’s cause.

Tabor says that there are still not enough adequate jobs, the water crisis continues unabated, and there is still an out-of-control cost of living, all of which will be forcibly debated during the Budget debate.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the House of Representatives Sir Gerald Watt is also anticipating an exciting parliamentary session this term taking into account the composition of the House.

There are eight members on the opposition benches – six from the UPP, one from the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM), and the independent member Asot Michael, the representative for St. Peter.

Sir Gerald says that he will continue to allow some bantering while maintaining order in the House.

However, he says that any personal attacks and accusations which cannot be proved will not be allowed, even though parliamentarians have absolute privilege in the House.