UPP calls out PM for saying pay hike will not solve public servants’ problems, saying he created economic poorhouse

The Gaston Browne Administration has no real solutions to fix the country’s current financial woes, concludes the United Progressive Party (UPP).

The Party’s statement is a response to a recently shared post on Prime Minister Browne’s Facebook page.

The post suggests that a salary increase – for which many public servants have been clamouring – will “not solve [their] financial woes.”

In response, some critics say the Prime Minister should have made a similar post when his Cabinet ministers were contemplating an increase on their already high salaries.

Meanwhile, the UPP accuses the Administration of dragging its feet on increasing the minimum wage and of paying “lip service” to raises for public servants, despite the rising cost of living.

“So, after creating an ‘economic poor house’, Gaston Browne is quick to downplay the urgent need for a salary increase,” the Party says in a Facebook post.

Meanwhile, there are suggestions of a 2% wage increase for public servants. But the UPP says this certainly will not solve the financial woes for which it blames the sitting administration.

“After collecting the highest level of revenues, by far, of any administration … why is Government so broke?” the Party asks.

The Browne Administration has boasted of collecting more money than the three previous administrations and of being an economic powerhouse.

However, the UPP notes, it continues to preside over late payment of Social Security benefits; overtime and back pay owed to workers; outstanding payments to contractors; a second major hike in fuel prices; and the failure to provide any pandemic relief to the unemployed and struggling families.

Social Security records indicate that over 1,000 small businesses failed during the pandemic, and the Labour Party Administration did not offer or provide them any support.

And yet, the UPP chides, “Gaston Browne endorses a message that suggests that people should ‘consider creating different revenue streams.’

As the people seek real solutions to address the financial woes, Browne is urged not to hide behind a Facebook post, but to face the issues head on.