DeFreitas implores farmers to plant as much as possible since Administration is doing nothing to ameliorate food shortages

Franz deFreitas is admonishing the country’s farmers to do their best to produce as much as they can, given the food shortages expected due to the war in The Ukraine.

Experts have predicted that many food items will become scarce as a result of the war, which will impact countries worldwide, but especially developing states.

Accordingly, deFreitas is pleading with farmers – in spite of the current water woes – to plant as much as possible shore up the country’s food security.

deFreitas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s City South, is disappointed that the Browne Administration does not appear to be doing anything to lessen the impact of the shortage when it impacts the local market.

Instead, he says, the Executive continues to demonstrate that it cares only about itself.