Although street protests are in order, the people have not suffered enough yet under this administration, deFreitas says

Disgruntled citizens and residents should take to the streets to
protest the ineptitude of the Browne Administration, and such
action is long overdue, says Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive
Party (UPP) caretaker for St. John’s City South.

However, although frustrated with the way this country is being run,
the people of Antigua and Barbuda lack the appetite for taking this
necessary stand and for physically fighting for change, deFreitas
The people do not appear to be at their wits’ ends yet, he says, and
so they have not determined what they are willing to do to address
the continued neglect.

Meanwhile, in spite of the many struggles that residents now face,
deFreitas says that hope is on the horizon. He assures the people
that the UPP will deliver needed relief once an election is called –
which he suspects will be in less than a year’s time.