Attorney Warren Cassell is found guilty of money-laundering by a Montserrat jury

Attorney-at-law Warren Cassell was convicted this afternoon, June 22, by a jury of his peers after a trial that arose out of a 2011 case that involved money-laundering.

Cassell has been remanded to prison overnight and will be sentenced tomorrow, June 23, a source close to the trial tells REAL News.

The Montserrat-born attorney reportedly was represented by Dr. David Dorsett of the local firm Watt Dorsett & Hewlett.

Residents expressed shock at the news, with many saying they thought this matter was closed.

They were referring to an earlier trial in which Cassell was convicted and sentenced to prison, but subsequently had his conviction overturned.

However, a colleague tells our Newsroom that the money-laundering charges were reinstated, under a different law this time, leading to a new trial that began last week and this second conviction.

“The rule of law is at work,” says another attorney; “no one is above the law.”