Condition of courts at Knuckle Block presenting challenges to lawyers, staff, and litigants, Symister complains

The present condition of the St. John’s Magistrates Court at the
Knuckle Block location is causing concern to members of the legal
fraternity, especially attorneys who work there on a daily basis.

One of these, Leon Chaku Symister, is chastising the Gaston Browne
Administration – in particular, the Ministry of Works – over its
disregard for the maintenance and general upkeep of government
buildings and work spaces.

Symister reports that, currently, only two courtrooms are
functional, and must be shared among the three magistrates
stationed there.

As is the case with other government premises, the buildings have
become overrun with mold, which reportedly developed because of
a leaking roof. This, Symister says, has impacted the Traffic Court,

According to Symister, many litigants, witnesses, and defendants are
being inconvenienced by having to wait long hours – particularly
those showing up for civil cases – before their matters are heard.
Apparently, the Criminal and Traffic Courts function first; and when
all their cases for the day are dispensed with, then the Civil Court is

 Symister says that, at the end of the day, it is the people of the
Grays/Green community who will suffer. He laments that they have
been deprived of the proper use of their community centre – which
has become rundown without them ever having the benefit of it.

Attorney-at-law Leon Chaku Symister.

Quite a number of government work spaces are in a deplorable
condition, having been infested with mold or by rodents, including
the country’s lone public hospital.